The Build your Biz Circle for creatives

A 6-month experience for creatives who want to build a business they love within a community that gets them.
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Tired of the cliché of the starving artist?
Me too!

It’s time to rewrite the narrative that creative entrepreneurs are either

…and embrace that you can live a life full of purpose, creative joy, and financial stability without having to suffer for it! 

Are you with me?

Then I’d like to invite you to join the 
Build Your Biz Circle for Creatives!

A community for artists, creative service providers, and hopeful entrepreneurs who are ready to normalize that you can have a vibrant and fulfilling life while making real money from your talents.

What Circle members are saying…

“Every time I get your replies or finish a session with you I feel so excited about what’s coming. Your positivity is contagious!”
Ariadne K, Biz Circle client
“You’re amazing. Thank you for turning the “iffy ideas” in my head into super tangible, easy to do concepts and plans!”
Crystal B, Biz Circle client

Here’s how it works…

We’ll start with a 3-day virtual retreat to deep-dive into the six areas that come together to make a business sustainable, profitable, and fun! You’ll come out of this process with a clear vision and plan for your next steps towards making your dream business a reality!

Then, during our six months together, you’ll take action on these steps within a vibrant, supportive community who are all working towards a similar goal – to build a business that they love around a lifestyle that lights them up! 

What’s included…

Vision & Goals

We’ll kick off with an optional 3-day virtual retreat where we’ll spend time exploring what you want to sell, who you want to sell it to, and how this all fits into your vision for your big, juicy life. 

Then, you’ll choose a focus to move forward with and we’ll craft a plan with some benchmarks along the way so you can celebrate your wins – big and small!


Once you’re clear on what you want, you’ll finally have the support you need to make it happen.

Success doesn’t exist in a vacuum, we all need mentors and peers who are there to not only cheer us on but can also provide meaningful feedback and helpful perspectives.

Imagine what can change for you in six months when you turn insights into action!

Nuts & Bolts in this 6-month cohort…

We’ll kick off with A BONUS group Virtual retreat w/Audra in September!

During this 3-day virtual group retreat* we’ll set you up for success and make sure we both have a clear vision for what you want to accomplish during this time together. 

We’ll go deep with the Follow the Fun Framework so you can build your plan for: marketing, offers/products, revenue, impact, schedule, and clients. Over the next six months, as a group we’ll work together on implementing this plan (and adjusting it as needed along the way!) 

(*and of course we’ll record all sessions and weekly calls in case you can’t make one or you want to revisit the ideas)

Day 1

Offers, Schedule, Revenue

We’ll learn how these three pieces work together to form the backbone of your creative business.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a schedule that you love, offers that light you up, and enough money to live life on your terms?

Day 2

Marketing, Clients, Impact

Who you’re marketing to and How you’re positioning your offers are key components to your success.

And, clarity on your “why” is what keeps momentum up when you’re in a building phase in your biz.

Day 3

Vision, Goals, & Action Steps

We’ll turn your “aha’s” into an action plan while honoring your values every step of the way.

And, no overwhelm here – we have the next 6 months to work towards these goals in a fun and sustainable way!

Speaking of the next 6 months, we carefully designed this experience so You’ll always have the support you need to grow your business your way!

Group Mastermind calls weekly!

These calls are where the magic happens!

We’ll meet weekly* as a group to connect, share, and overcome current obstacles.

You’ll have the chance to receive hot seat coaching and have the opportunity to learn from (and potentially support) your peers as they move through similar roadblocks and challenges. 

*we also make space for a few implementation weeks each quarter where there are no group calls

Monthly Business Focus

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to focus on a different building block that leads to a successful business AND a fun and fulfilling life. 

Through mini-courses and the Follow the Fun curriculum you’ll curate a schedule that lights you up, a marketing plan that feels aligned, and offers that are fun to sell

We’ll also focus on reaching the clients and customers you want to serve, managing your business revenue flow, and making the impact on the world that you desire! 

AND...Let’s talk bonuses!! consider this your buffet of fun extras!

Fun Challenges & Totally Optional Prompts

During the retreat and Mastermind calls, I’ll be listening to your questions intently so that during our time together I can help support you in achieving your goals. Expect some fun pop up challenges and prompts in the group channel. Just like everything in this group, it’s totally optional to participate! 

Weekly Goal + Action Item Review

Each week you’ll be prompted to review your goals and set your action items that will get you to your next benchmark. You’ll have a chance to reflect on what is and isn’t working in your business, and see your progress week by week as you take action!

Group Platform

Say goodbye to the days of existing as an island bc you’re now part of a community. When you have a question or need to be seen/heard, pop into our group to share your wins, get help through the tricky questions, and get support from both Audra and the other group members. 

Guest Coaches & Industry Experts

Every quarter you’ll learn from a different industry leading expert or guest coach. Based on the needs that we see come up in the group, you’ll receive targeted trainings and coaching sessions to expand your skill sets and broaden your knowledge base.
Past guest coaches have included top designer and Skillshare teacher Cat Coq and marketing and mindset expert Erin Lindstrom!

Are you open to transformation?

“I feel like I am running a business for real and that my business is truly reflective of the kind of person I am and what I want to offer to others. I have formalized systems, I have a social media plan so I don’t avoid using it, I am charging a rate I believe I am worth, and I share information and expertise in ways people respect.”

Coaching client when asked
“What changed for you as a result of working with Audra?”

Look, I know there are lots of other programs available based on the HOW of art licensing, surface pattern design, and all the other creative things. And these are really useful – up to a point.

The thing is, lots of us know what we “should” be doing and even the “how” of doing it, but somehow it hasn’t all come together yet. 

(Weird, it’s almost like you’re not a robot who just follows instructions – you’re a human with real worries and desires and relationships that the “steps” don’t always account for 😉)

It’s not that other programs are bad or wrong – it’s just that instructors typically focus on teaching what worked for them and don’t usually have the space to listen to you and help you determine the next best steps for your specific situation.  A group experience like this is fundamentally different than a course.

That’s why I created The Build Your Biz Circle for creatives.

I wanted something different, where I could get to know my clients and show them how to look at business through the lens of our whole lives – not just the “creative” part – because if you’re a creative you probably already get that this isn’t just something we turn off and on when we sit down to make something.

We’re dreamers, we’re visionaries, we’re intrepid interpreters of the world around us, and we need a place to learn the business side of the creative lifestyle with people who get us. 

And, we’re capable of running businesses and making money with our creativity. 

Together, we’ll figure out YOUR path forward and support you in taking the steps along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Biz Circle for Creatives is for entrepreneurs who value building a business that is sustainable and profitable within a supportive community. And Creative can mean many things! This group is perfect for artists and designers, but it’s also an amazing community for anyone else who flexes their creative muscles in their business.

You’ll get a confirmation email and an agreement to look over and sign. It’s a pretty standard agreement, but if you have any questions I’m happy to talk it through with you and if we can’t come to an agreement we’re both happy with I’ll refund you.

The Boost level is perfect for you! It includes six 1:1 calls lasting up to an hour with Audra AND access to her during normal business hours via DM or Voxer (24 hour response time).

If you don’t want to join a group and just want 1:1 coaching with Audra that’s also an option – book a call with her to talk more.

Everyone brings their own life skills, experience, and positive qualities into the group. It’s 100% OK if you’re just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll still have a lot to contribute to the group and to gain from the other creatives.

Probably! Audra works with creative entrepreneurs at all levels – from those just starting out to those making 5+ figures a month, and no matter what level you are at you will benefit from having access to a supportive community of fellow creatives and the monthly focus and curriculum within this Biz Circle.

However, if you’re already generating consistent revenue that covers your expenses and salary and are ready to scale or add team members you might be a better fit for a different program- hop on a call with Audra so she can help you choose.

We do our best to accommodate time zones and choose a generally good day/time as a group. 

Group Mastermind calls in 2024 will likely be offered on your choice of either Tuesdays at 9am EST or Fridays at 12pm EST, but we’ll confirm a good time for everyone once the enrollment period ends. All calls will happen between our business hours (9:00 – 4:00 EST). 

All calls are recorded, and you’ll be able to submit questions ahead of time.

If you join and the call times don’t work for you, you’ll be able to cancel your enrollment with no penalty within 3 days of the call times being finalized.

I’d love to! My style is a mix of coaching (helping you discover the answers that are already inside of you) and consulting (offering ideas and observations based on my own experience, training, and biz perspective).

On our calls you’ll always be encouraged to listen to your inner voice (and maybe even get some tools for hearing it more clearly) and I work very hard to create an environment where you can fully be yourself, feel seen and heard, and know that you are valued.

These types of courses are great if you’re looking to add a very specific skill set within a short-term container. However, they are very different from a group mentorship experience like this one.

In the Build Your Biz Circle we’ll use our Follow the Fun framework to look at your schedule, offers, marketing, clients, revenue, and impact. We focus on building sustainable creative businesses that can include multiple streams of income, and we explore all the ways you can make money as a creative.

We’re also here to support you for the long-term. There’s a reason that this is a 6-month experience, we need time to work through the roadblocks – both internal and external – that often come up in business.

I’ve had multiple clients ask to work with me after completing a course because they struggled to implement what was taught and didn’t have business foundations in place to fully benefit from the course material.

Of course! Monthly payment plans are available.

You can save $282 by paying in full, woohoo!

Sorry, that’s not an option at this time. However, if you attend the virtual retreat and you decide that the group isn’t for you (and notify me within 3 days of the final day of the retreat) I’ll refund you, no worries.

Are you ready to take action?

“I’ve moved things along in my business more in the last 2 months than in the previous 9-10 months.

[The Build Your Biz Circle] has done so much for me: built confidence, helped me find parts of my voice that had been lost for many years, given me vocabulary to use for some tough business conversations, allowed me a forum to share some wisdom, and introduced me to some wonderful humans who are also amazing women.”

Nan S, Biz Circle Member