Case Studies

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Tara Persson & Lime Squeeze

Building A Vibrant Coaching Biz

Tara is an uber-talented life coach who was ready to uplevel her business by launching a fully branded website and membership portal. She also needed to organize and automate her business systems to give her clients a “WOW” experience.

Liz Wilcox, Email Marketer Extraordinaire

From Broken and Boring to Bold & Fabulous

Liz is an incredible email marketer with a lot of experience and know-how, but her website didn’t show it. Her DIY attempt had broken links and unfinished pages – not the polished look she was going for. We supercharged her branding and website, using her rockstar personality to tell the story of her brand – and her bookings skyrocketed.

Jae Britton, Life Coach

Newbie Coach Shortcuts Path to Success

Jae is a woman on a mission to help other people achieve the mindset transformation and happiness she has experienced through coaching. She enrolled in a top-notch training program – but what about the business side? We created a plan for her to build her coaching business while she was going through her training – so she can quit her day job and focus on her family and coaching clients much sooner.

Rachael Wonderlin & Dementia By Day

Rock-Solid Systems Make Hiring Team Members Possible

Rachael Wonderlin is an experienced entrepreneur and dementia expert with 2 published books, multiple content channels, and a corporate clientele. She was spending too much time with the nitty gritty details of her business, and needed solid systems in place before she could hand off responsibilities to a new hire. Just two tech days later, and her systems issues were a thing of the past – and she immediately brought on a team member.

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