OMG, you made it!

So, you probably just listened to a podcast, interview, or training I was a part of and you might be thinking, but WHO IS SHE??

We’ll get to that, but first, here are those goodies I probably promised you

If you…

The She Loves Her Money mini-course is perfect for you. After all, what you believe about money might be holding you back in having* what you want – let’s change that!

*Notice I said having instead of getting? Getting is about the work, having is about living the lifestyle. I help my clients do both.

If you…

The Follow the Fun Biz Snapshot will give you a birds-eye-view of where you are now – and ideas for what to do next. PLUS, Audra will personally review your check-in and give you feedback!
Note: This is not your typical freebie. When you click, you’ll be guided to a form to fill out that I will personally read and respond to.

What others shared...

“Every time I get your replies or finish a session with you I feel so excited about what’s coming. Your positivity is contagious!”
Ariadne K, coaching client
“You’re amazing. Thank you for turning the “iffy ideas” in my head into super tangible, easy to do concepts and plans!”
Crystal B, coaching client

Now that we got that taken care of,

Hi, I’m Audra King,

and I’m sooo pumped that you found this little hidden corner of my world.

I LOVE being an entrepreneur, being financially independent, and talking about both of these things so that other women can experience more freedom of choice in their lives.

I used to think that there were lots of things that “weren’t for me.”

I felt trapped

Now, what I used to think wasn’t for me, IS.

This is what I want for you, and anyone else who has ever felt trapped in the same way that I did.

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