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“That’s not for you.”

These are the words that popped into my mind when I thought about being financially independent, running my own business, and having a life where I could travel whenever I wanted, sign my kid up for the school that aligned with my values, drive my dream car, and have work that genuinely lit me up, felt meaningful, purposeful, was lucrative, and FUN.

Before we go any further,

No, I’m not a marketing bro trying to manipulate you into handing over your life savings or an unethical coach who promises to have the 6-step process to manifest your perfect life. 

Now that we got that out of the way…

I’m Audra King,

Creative Director, CEO, and Financially Independent Thought Leader committed to creating positive impact in the world while making money and leading a life I love.

Over the past ten years, I left teaching, started freelancing, began coaching, consulting, strategizing with/for women-led small businesses, and built a successful design agency.

In that same time, my husband and I worked together to become financially independent so we could have the capacity to help with causes we care about, spend quality time with our daughter, and have the freedom to choose our next steps not just for the month, but for the rest of our lives.

Turns out the things I thought weren’t for me absolutely were.

And my desire is to help you have the things that you want but think aren’t for you, too.

Again, before we go any further, I want to clarify that having the money and choice to go on an entrepreneurial adventure is a privilege that not everyone has access to. It is important that we recognize that, talk about it, and commit to using our privilege and voice to create more access for those who don’t have it.

Supporting historically marginalized people is of utmost importance to me and I look forward to hearing what is important to you.

Available Now!

Recording will be sent immediately to those who sign up!

During the Deep Dive, we’ll cover:

How to get clear on where you are and what you want so you can take intentional steps towards creating it.

The 3 most common mistakes big-hearted, well-intentioned, purpose-driven entrepreneurs make while trying to create a business AND life that feel good and how to avoid them.

What’s required to build a life that includes a sustainable business, mission-driven impact, AND a fun, meaningful life.

What others shared...

This session really helped me figure out what I’m doing, including what I want to offer and how I want to model it.

You’re amazing. Thank you for turning the “iffy ideas” in my head into super tangible, easy to do concepts and plans.
Thank you for the inspiring workshop today!. Your style of working and marketing is showing me a path that is building my confidence even more.
I definitely got a lot out of today’s workshop. I like talking to everybody and hearing everybody’s ideas, and being in a room with people that are doing the same sort of things.

You see…

Many business owners care about the world but think they have to wait til they make enough money to start making a difference.

Many good-doing people love their work but feel like they’re scraping by financially.

And many hard workers have figured out how to get the business running and make a difference but their personal lives are nonexistent or very full but feel empty.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And in the She Loves Her Business Deep Dive, I’m going to show you HOW.

Last one 😉 Before we go any further,

I want to call out that this is what they call an opt-in page in biz lingo.

That means, when you sign up for the Deep Dive and give me your email address, you’ll get a confirmation email with the link to join the Zoom Call on Nov 17th and after the call, you’ll receive a recording of the call to listen to if you choose.

Then, you’ll receive more emails from me with my musings about business and life and invitations to work with me from time to time.

You’re free to unsubscribe from them at any time- just wait til AFTER you get the recording so you don’t miss the deep dive. 🙂

It’s completely possible to have a life you love, a business that’s profitable, and make an impact you’re proud of.

I’m here to help.
It is for you.

Available Now!

Recording will be sent immediately to those who sign up!