Rachael Wonderlin & Dementia By Day

Case Study

Love Your Biz Blueprint + Your Biz in a Box (Tech)

“I've worked with Audra a couple times in the last two years, and each time she helped push my business up a notch.”

Rachael’s Love Your Biz Blueprint

Rachael is a long-term SLHB client, and we love that we have gotten to know her and her business so well. We focus on building these deep and meaningful relationships with our clients so that we can help them grow at ALL stages of their business.

Rachael’s tech Blueprint focused on how the business systems she had were (and weren’t) working for her, and on her goal of bringing on team members to scale and grow her business while giving her more time to focus on serving clients.

We talked about her onboarding process and all the pesky emails and invoices she was manually preparing and sending, as well as a product delivery issue she was having with woo-commerce.

We developed a tech game plan to streamline her processes and get everything ready so that she could easily transition some of her processes to her new hire.

We also helped map out her customer journey to make sure that none of her clients were falling through the cracks, and that she wasn’t missing any opportunities to serve them.

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After her Blueprint, Rachael decided to move forward with a Tech Biz in A Box that included:

Your Biz in a Box

Rachael’s Tech Solutions

We decided that Rachael needed a CRM solution that would help her automate her processes. We offer both Honeybook and Dubsado setup, and decided that based on her business needs and preferences Honeybook was the best CRM solution.

We set up her onboarding process using canned emails and workflows so that her new hire could help with sending out her contracts, managing the client experience, and keep everything under one tech “umbrella”.

There were some other annoying tech issues that Rachael was having – her client tracking system needed cleaning up, her email delivery for some of her products was confusing to clients so she had to end up sending delivery emails manually, and her booking links weren’t set up to be easy for her to send out to prospective clients.

We took care of all of these issues as well, and helped her get a streamlined, professional, and easy to manage system in place so that she could focus on what she does best – helping people living with dementia lead better lives through her trademark system Embrace Their Reality©.


In Her Own Words:

Here’s what Rachael has to say about her experience with SLHB:

What problem did you have before you hired Audra King?

My onboarding for clients was all over the place, and I knew before I even started the hiring process for my first W2 employee that I really needed to make the process a lot simpler and cleaner.

What was your experience like working with Audra King?

I’ve worked with Audra a couple times in the last two years, and each time she helped push my business up a notch. When we first started talking about working together, I wasn’t even sure what I should focus on: she helped me figure it out, find the right person (Jacqui) to work on the project, and then facilitated it perfectly every step of the way.

What was the impact of working together?

Honeybook—a program I’d looked over but was previously too overwhelmed to move forward with—is now completely set up and ready to go! I had multiple apps for multiple projects, but now they’re all combined and in one spot.

What was the best insight you gained from our conversations or the Love Your Biz Blueprint PDF?

That there WAS a way to put all of my information together in a digestible way.

What would you say to someone on the fence about hiring Audra King

You’re going to regret it if you don’t hire Audra!

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