Liz Wilcox, Email Marketer Extraordinaire

Case Study

Love Your Biz Blueprint + Your Biz in a Box (Brand, Website)

“People tell me everyday how awesome my website is and how they just couldn't resist signing up and learning more.”

Liz's Love Your Biz Blueprint

Liz knew that her website wasn’t converting for her like it should. She’s frequently a guest expert on podcasts and summits. After an appearance she would get a lot of visits to her site, but people just didn’t stick around.

In her Blueprint, we talked about not only how to use her website to showcase her unique email marketing talent and market her offers, but how to also support the lifestyle she wants to create for herself and her daughter. We outlined her ideal schedule (can we say 3-day weekend, every week?!?) and the offers that would get her there.

Liz has big dreams for her business, and we knew that a professional website was the way for her to showcase the high level services that she offers. After all, people buy from people they trust, and our websites HAVE to make a good first impression.

As part of Liz’s Blueprint, we organized her offers into two categories based on her short and long-term goals. Her high ticket VIP days got their own sales page, and this is her only “done for you” offer. 

For clients who need a lower entry point or just want a taste of what it’s like to work for her, we put the rest of her offers on a “Get DIY help” page. This page houses offers that range in price from $22 to $500 – the perfect way to nurture paying clients, no matter their budget. 

Through the course of our work together, Liz said multiple times “That’s a $5,000 idea right there!” She got tons of value out of having a biz bestie to bounce ideas off of and to help her curate her amazing product suite.

Pssst! Need a biz bestie of your own?

Liz said “Hell Yes!” to building her branding and website with us. Her project included:

Your Biz in a Box

The Liz Wilcox Brand

Liz is obsessed with all things 90’s culture, and especially *NSYNC and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She isn’t afraid to make bold fashion choices and her email marketing system is equally bold and fresh.

So, we featured her personal style heavily in her branding and built her website to have a fun, 90’s vibe. We recommended a video introduction on her homepage, because once people get a little dose of Liz, they definitely want to hear more!

If you check out her logo, you’ll see a nod to her favorite boy band, but it’s also totally her own. The colors and fonts we chose reinforce her brand – fun, clear, and bold!

As part of her work with us, Liz got a full brand board with multiple versions of her logo, fonts, colors, and brand assets that she can use in her own marketing and social media.

Liz’s Website

Liz’s primary goal for her website was to get people to sign up for her email list. After all, as an email marketing expert she knows that once they are on that list, she can help and serve them and turn them into paying clients. So, her main call to action on her home page is to get on that list!

However, we wanted to make sure that her website was working equally hard for her to book clients that were ready to work with her immediately. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up to overnight sales and bookings in their inbox?

In fact, one of Liz’s goals was to also reduce the number of sales calls she does in order to book her VIP days. We made sure that her sales page was designed to take visitors on a journey that would turn them into customers – right off of the sales page.


In Her Own Words:

Here’s what Liz has to say about her experience with SLHB:

What problem did you have before you hired Audra King?

My website was broken…links not working. I also had no “brand.”

I hate tech and refused to do it.

What was your experience like working with Audra King?

Audra is super thorough. I never had any questions because she was always anticipating my needs and her process was seamless. Very impressed!

What was the impact of working together?

I now have a brand that I love to show off…and a site that converts like crazy! People tell me everyday how awesome my website is and how they just couldn’t resist signing up and learning more.

What was the best insight you gained from our conversations or the Love Your Biz Blueprint PDF?

I can keep things simple AND make the money I want at the same time.

What would you say to someone on the fence about hiring Audra King

Audra is really good at asking the right questions and putting something together in the quickest and simplest way. She’s the calm in the shit storm of my business.

Do you want your business to generate major buzz?