Jae Britton, Life Coach

Case Study

Love Your Biz Blueprint

“Audra has inspired me to embrace the power behind sharing my story.”

Jae's Love Your Biz Blueprint

Jae Britton has had enough experience in the corporate business world to know that if you haven’t planned for success, you’ve planned to fail (or at least struggle a lot more than you have to!)

In her Blueprint, we talked about what she really wanted out of her coaching business, and the overall vision she has for her life. She has big, amazing goals like quitting her current job and making coaching a full-time business.

We’re all about big goals around here, and we crafted a plan for how she can make this happen. There are many ways to offer coaching, and we explored them all.

We also talked about how to market and scale a coaching offer, and the immediate steps she could take to start building her client base.

Messaging is so important, so we helped Jae see what really makes her stand out from other coaches and how to talk about herself so that other people understand the value that she offers.

We even talked about pricing and how to increase her rates over time so that she could have an abundant life, joyfully serving others and changing their lives.


In Her Own Words:

Here’s what Jae had to say about working with She Loves Her Biz:

What problem did you have before you hired Audra King?

I started coach training and I wasn’t sure how to begin my business. I wasn’t well-versed on what technology or systems would keep me organized, or what methods would be useful in assisting me in attracting coaching clients.

What was your experience like working with Audra King?

I loved working with Audra! From our 90-minute call, she was able to capture me and my vision and put it into a step-by-step blueprint that is already helping me start out on the right foot! Audra took the time to dig into my motivation behind becoming a coach, my vision for my coaching business, and she didn’t shy away from providing her own experiences or supplying helpful feedback.

What was the impact of working together?

Audra has inspired me to embrace the power behind sharing my story. I am introducing an affirmation challenge, and have received amazing feedback and reception from the idea. I am sharing my own personal story of how affirmations have shaped my life, which is nothing I’ve ever shared before. My excitement to share my story outweighs my fear.

What was the best insight you gained from our conversations or the Love Your Biz Blueprint PDF?

“People can’t benefit from your expertise if they don’t know about it!” This really encouraged me to push through any fear I may and “step into my power” by talking about what I’m doing and how it has impacted myself and others.

What would you say to someone on the fence about hiring Audra King

Audra is a BOSS! She takes the time to understand and anticipate your needs. She doesn’t hesitate to impart any wisdom that she may have regarding a system, resource, tool, etc. that may be of use to you. In the unlikely event that she doesn’t know or hasn’t experienced something, she isn’t afraid to tell you that, or do her research so that she provides you with the most accurate information. Working with Audra is a worthy investment!

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